Welcome to the-pearl-boutique

Welcome to The Pearl Boutique!

I hope you enjoy browsing through the beautiful jewellery items we have. It's simple, just find an item of jewellery you like, order it, and I will then be in touch to arrange a time to open your oyster and reveal your pearl (usually via Facebook live). We also offer a range of beautiful non pearl jewellery to suit all tastes!

All our jewellery is 925 sterling silver unless otherwise stated. The oysters are cultured freshwater oysters and your revealed pearl will be completely unique! There is no telling what size, or colour you'll get or if you'll get just the 1 or be lucky enough to find twins.

We drill and mount all the jewellery ourselves and take alot of pride in what we do. We aim to have your order out as soon as possible and are usually sent within 1 week.